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Dealers and Garages
Customer Assistance, with simple service booking thanks to real time monitoring of vehicles anomalies


Managing of company fleet, monitoring of location, trips, and health status of company/commercial vehicles

Air App

A mobile app full of features and services to monitor health status of the vehicle and check your drive style

Air Insurance

Insurance Companies
An open platform for Insurace companies to discover valuable insights

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Car Dealers
Active Vehicles
Millions of Km with Air


AIR is a software house which develops innovative technologies for vehicle connection.


The platform transform data of connected car in precious information and services for drivers and fleet mangers. 


Thanks to Air Car Dealers and Garages are able to offer their own customer new services of remote assistant.


mydesk anomalies

What is it?

A software to manage and monitor health status of your customers’ vehicles

Who is for?

  • Car Dealers
  • Garages

Main Functionality

» Remote check of vehicles diagnostic

» Direct and easy communication with the client

» Book and manage rapidly garage appointment


What is it?

A software to manage fleets, vehicles and drivers thanks to an intuitive web application

Who is for?

  • Companies
  • Fleet Manager

Main Functionality

» Trip tracking and vehicle location

» Set different points of interest (POI)

» Check vehicle health status


myapp trip report myair

What is it?

An App full of features and services to check your driving style

Who is for?

To all our private customers

Main Functionality

» Locate and check your car thanks to the anti-theft system based on geofence

» Manage your journey and business trip, monitoring your consumption.

» Monitor vehicle health status

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