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Are you a driver, a mechanic, a dealer, a Mobility or a Fleet manager? Discover the solutions Air has developed especially for you.
Air analyses and processes mobility data to provide you with a safe, connected driving experience.
Thanks to GPS localization, your vehicle is constantly under your control.
24/7 localization, satellite technology, itineraries, and parking: all round mobility at your fingertips.

Air Mobility
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Air supports optimizes achieves Mobility for government, businesses and consumers.

Air supports Mobility though the management of connected data. Air’s mobilitech solutions improve
the driving experience for consumers; optimize vehicle management for Fleet managers; define new
mobility scenarios for the public sector.

Air’s solutions

Air’s highly technological digital platform accelerates the development of innovative Machine
Learning and AI powered solutions.


For drivers

An entirely new app, revamped and redesigned to improve every driver’s automotive experience via a satellite device.

MyApp was developed with your complete safety in mind and the services offered include:

  • GPS satellite antitheft system;
  • Trip report;
  • Driving behaviour analysis;
  • Dashboard and vehicle health;
  • Localizzazione Gps;

Plus, more, new additional services to add to your subscription.


For Businesses and Fleet Managers

A software platform that optimizes fleet management and improves vehicle uptime.

The intuitive web platform provides:

  • GPS vehicle localization;
  • Itinerary reports;
  • Vehicle health;
  • GPS satellite antitheft alarm- 24/7 support;

Add more features- such as Cylinder Block- to your Premium plan.


For Mobility Managers, Mechanics, Leasing companies and OEMs

A cloud-based app that helps you stay closer to your clients by monitoring their vehicle’s health remotely and an entire suite of CRM tools.

The platform allows you to:

  • View vehicle health;
  • Monitor the vehicle via a detailed report;
  • Manage leads via the Dashboard;
  • Manage the client with advanced CRM.


Localizzazione Gps;

Mobility solutions for innovative and informed driving developed for citizens and local governments.

The Move-In project, currently active in Lombardy Piedmont, systemically manages the levels of emissions caused by the most polluting vehicles. An annual mileage threshold to be used in areas with traffic restrictions is provided based on vehicle type and on environmental class.


For government

A cloud-based platform that analyses mobility trends revealing their hidden potential to action new mobility efficiency and direct citizenship projects.


For institutions and consumers

Smart, tailored insurance products based on data science.


For business users and consumers

Value any aftermarket car with the accurate remarketing estimates provided by Air’s connected

One network, endless connections

Air connects the entire mobility ecosystem, developing new data-based solutions and partnering
with an ample range of players that embrace one shared vision: to innovate the way we live.

Do you have a dealership or a workshop?

Successful business now depends on personalization; Air helps you develop and grow your relationship with drivers over time with the MyGarage platform..

Are you a Fleet Manager?

Accurate, up-to-date information for your strategic decisions. Optimize fleet management and maintenance with MyFleet.

Are you a citizen or a driver?

Air’s Smart City solutions use real data to solve real problems. Connecting and interpreting data, Air guarantees a more efficient driving experience to citizens and drivers.

Are you part of an institution or government body?

Managing mobility is critical to the public sector. For this reason, Air offers its platforms and experience to help develop digital solutions that power tomorrow’s Smart Cities.

Still not seen what you are looking for?

Contact Air to find out more!

Hear from Air’s clients and partners

I had been looking for a product like this for a long time and I must say that the Air App is really well done: it exploits the potential of GPS localization and there are so many functions and alerts! You always know where your vehicle is in real time via both the App and the web page!! So Accurate! The App tells you about your driving style: if you keep turning the engine on and off, or if you make an imprudent turn, but it also marks the kilometres travelled, average speed, battery voltage (alerting you if an alternator has problems or if the battery is failing). If you enter or leave an area defined by you, the alarm immediately contacts the Operations Centre which gives you 24-hour assistance. There are a myriad of features! Believe me, so many! Never seen anything like it!


Elisa Rossi



Discover Move-In

Move-In is now active in the Piedmont Region. Join and use your vehicle to the max with the annual kilometre allowance.

The new MyApp

Air is working on a new App with new functionality and design. GPS localization, satellite antitheft system and many more features included…

Smart Cities

Understanding the hidden connections between events with mobilitech: Air’s General Manager reveals new potential scenarios to the magazine Internet4Things