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MyGov is the cloud platform that sheds light on urban mobility trends to optimize decision making in the public sector.

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MyGov Features

Solutions can be tailored to fit your needs

Rapid project roll out via the Platform

Strict compliance with privacy regulations

Provider of choice for major institutions and public sector bodies

Advanced multisource Data Ingestion technology, indexation and data elaboration

Why choose MyGov?

MyGov releases the value within Smart Cities, helping them manage resources intelligently and
organize urban flows for local government and the public sector.

Accident prevention

Solutions for the prevention of accidents, predictive monitoring of road surface anomalies and traffic optimization tools to increase safety in the city.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions with real-time data to improve traffic and parking management. A made-to-measure solution for your city.

Best-practice planning

Best-practice planning and operations for road and public transport networks, leveraging existing resources.

Improving travel experiences

Better travel quality and experience for everyone based on: integration of public transport data with user itineraries; traffic optimization; enabling of micro-mobility management tools.

MyGov Users


Public sector and institutions

Every Government body (National, Regional, Local) or Authority (public bodies and institutions) can finally design, test, implement and monitor the effectiveness of new ad hoc mobility projects.


Active involvement and cooperation for all citizens in mobility projects (drivers, commuters, inhabitants).


Smarter and more efficient infrastructure for businesses in the Energy, Transport, Telco and Utility sectors thanks to mobility data.

The MyGov Platform

An Agile Powerful Proven mobility tool


The platform is agile because it is a PROPRIETARY solution that enables the rapid realization of tailored projects from PoC stage to launch.


Thanks to ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES it includes: big data, machine learning and advanced visualization analysis.


It’s based on a solid mix of market KNOW-HOW and on-the-field testing.

MyGov Use Cases

Speed Monitoring - SafeRoad

Improving road safety with a proactive tool that identifies the most dangerous roads and predicts demand for intervention.

Pollution Tracking - SmogTrend

Reduce pollution levels and define environmental strategies based on mobility.

Access Control – Move-In

Reward virtuous and low emission driving behaviours, managing access to designated city areas.

Road Surface Monitoring - RoadCare

Evaluate road surface conditions with daily updated monitoring to effectively plan and manage maintenance.

User Flow Mapping - FlowTrend

Optimise vehicle movement within Smart Cities, monitor shared mobility impact and predict the effect of public interventions on vehicle flows.

Crisi management - CrisisHero

Mange local and national crisis situations (geopolitical, environmental etc) with a clear and updated vision of movement on the transport network.


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