Air for citizens and drivers


Air is a visionary business with a mission to improve road mobility to make it safer, more efficient and kinder to both citizens and the environment. Discover how technology can help you improve the world around you.

Air per cittadini e automobilisti
soluzioni air per i cittadini

Air for citizens and drivers

Air supports citizens and motorists, helping them to interact more quickly and directly with the public sector to solve real-life problems. Even at the wheel, Air improves vehicle safety and driving behaviour with its black box thanks to the MyApp.

Tailored solutions

Want a safer driving experience?


Find out how connected driving can improve your life behind the wheel. Greater safety for you and your vehicle thanks to a satellite alarm system, geolocation, immediate assistance and analysis of driving behaviours.

Wish you had made-to-measure insurance?


Smart, personalized insurance products are already here, thanks to Air’s sophisticated algorithms and data science.

Have a used car to resell?


Do you want to know the exact value of your used car and resell it at a fair price for your region or area? MyPrice is the most accurate and up-to-date used vehicle price calculator on the market.

Need to move in restricted traffic areas?


Do you live in the Lombardy or Piedmont and need to travel to municipalities subject to traffic restrictions? Discover Move-In to keep moving with annual mileage waivers.

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