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Air – Connected Mobility brings mobility technology to life: with its connected vision of data, Air’s products revolutionize the automotive experience for drivers, optimizes vehicle management for corporate customers and realizes new ways of interpreting space and mobility for public bodies.

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Company Air Connected Mobility - History

Company Air Connected Mobility - History -

Inception and Evolution

Established in 2014, the dynamic Air-Connected Mobility is solidly grounded in the Valandro Group,
a highly specialized long-standing insurance agency, with over fifty years of experience that is also the leading representative for AXA in Italy. Air-Connected Mobility stands out for its inquisitive, entrepreneurial spirit and cutting-edge technological solutions.


Air provides the only end-to-end view of driving data. From the individual driver to the fleet manager, to dealers and the Public Sector, Air is a visionary company with a mission to improve mobility by making it safer, more efficient and respectful of citizens and the environment.

Air Mobility

Founder’s vision

Igor Valandro

Igor Valandro

CEO e cofounder of Air-Connected Mobility

" Safety, efficiency and respect for the environment are fundamental values for Air-Connected Mobility. We develop and refine our technology to achieve these goals, while responding to the urgent imperative to improve mobility for citizens, companies and the public sector. Together we want to unleash the value of data for mobility in the future.

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