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MyFleet is an advanced data management software for Fleet Managers. Gain full visibility over the entire fleet with remote control over vehicles and drivers, making decisions based on accurate data.

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MyFleet Features

GPS Localization

Monitor the position of your fleet at any time by viewing the map in real-time.

You will be able to:

  • Verify fleet position 24/7 thanks to GPS satellite localization;
  • View vehicle status (moving or parked)

Trip Report

Track your fleet’s trips and export them onto your device.

View your trip history including:

  • Start and arrival address;
  • Start and end time and date;
  • Kilometres driven;
  • Time at the wheel;
  • Driving behaviour (sudden accelerations and breaking, engine redlining);
  • Day/Night driving.

Vehicle data

Real-time data tracking of vehicle dashboard data.

  • Mileage;
  • Battery levels;
  • Fuel levels;
  • Engine redlining;
  • Refrigeration liquid temperatures;
  • Oil levels.

Vehicle health report

Monitor the health of your fleet, programme maintenance and services, manage notifications and anomalies.


  • Fleet maintenance plans;
  • Vehicle alarms;
  • Diagnostic codes (standard and custom);
  • Battery voltage;
  • Crash detection.

Antitheft system – 24/7 Operations Centre assistance

Set up your antitheft systems directly from the main map and receive notifications and alerts in case of unauthorised movement. Receive 24/7 support from the Operations Centre.

Receive real-time alerts and Operative Centre calls in case of:

  • Device disconnection;
  • Unauthorised vehicle movement;
  • Crash.

Additional services

Add premium tools like: cylinder block, door locking/unlocking, ghost functions and much more…

Some additional services to help you mange your fleet:

  • Cylinder block: lock the engine from the platform in just a click;
  • Door locking/unlocking management for all your vehicles;
  • Ghost functions: add the Ghost device to improve antitheft systems and track battery-less
    vehicles (i.e.. Containers, trailers, industrial/agricultural vehicles…)

Why choose MyFleet?

Mange and optimize your fleet efficiently with MyFleet!

An easy-to-use flexible web application. A tracking system for company fleet managers that is
perfect for any industry.

Automated processes

Automate management and maintenance of your vehicles. Base your decisions on solid data and tailor MyFleet to your needs.

Cost reduction

Optimize insurance costs and damage or theft losses.

Real-time GPS localization

Full fleet visibility and unified management of vehicles.

Remote management

Manage vehicles and drivers remotely optimizing their time.


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What MyFleet clients say:

I had never been able to track kilometres as well as with MyFleet. In addition to this, with the Diagnostic Trouble Codes I am immediately able to identify anomalies on vehicles and intervene. Once, someone tried to steal one of my vehicles and with the alarm system activated, I was able to track it.

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