Move-In Project


Do you live in Lombardy or in Piedmont and do you need to travel to municipalities subject to traffic restrictions?

Then Move-In is the project for you! Choose Air as your TSP and sign up!
Keep using your vehicle thanks to the annual mileage exemption, which allows you to circulate in restricted areas through the installation of a Black Box.

MoveIn air

Move-In Air

How does the Move-In project for Lombardy and Piedmont work?

Who can join

Euro 0, euro 1, euro 2, euro 3, (soon also euro 4), gpl euro 0 and euro 1, methane euro 0 and euro 1, gasoline euro 0, euro 1 can sign up to the Move-In auto Diesel project. euro 2; petrol motorcycles euro 0 and euro 1.

Depending on the environmental class of your vehicle, you will have a certain number of kilometres to use for the duration of the service.

How much does it cost?

The cost of activating the Move-In for one year is € 50. The amount includes the installation of the Black Box (€ 30) and the provision of the service (€ 20).

Payment is made online in your MyPage reserved area by:

  • credit card;
  • prepaid card;
  • SEPA direct debit (SDD).

* we remind you that the yearly kilometre allowance must be renewed every year on the portal of
your region.

How to join

To join Move-In, the owner of the vehicle or the delegated person must register, via SPID or CNS, on the dedicated platform at

To register for the service you will need to:

  • Access your Region’s portal with SPID or National Service Card and apply for membership;
  • Complete the registration on the Air website by registering the Membership ID that has been
    provided to you;
  • Once you have registered your Membership ID, Air will provide you with credentials to access your
    MyPage reserved area;
  • Log into MyPage to choose the installer and complete the payment for the service;
  • Go to the installer to install the Black Box.

Mileage allowance

By requesting the mileage allowance, you will no longer have to worry about areas with traffic restrictions. In fact, you will have various kilometres available to circulate freely with your vehicle.

The following are the kilometres assigned for the M1 / ​​M2 category:


  • Diesel euro 1, 1000 km (Piedmont), 2000 km (Lombardy);
  • Diesel euro 2, 2000 km (Piedmont), 4000 km (Lombardy);
  • Diesel euro 3, 5000 km (Piedmont), 7000 km (Lombardy);
  • Diesel euro 4, 8000 km (Piedmont), 10,000 km (Lombardy);
  • Petrol euro 0, 1000 km;
  • Petrol euro 1, 1000 km (Piedmont), 2000 km (Lombardy);
  • Petrol euro 2, 2000 km *;
  • Methane euro 0 and 1, 1000 km *;
  • LPG euro 0 and 1, 1000 km *;
  • Petrol euro 0 and 1, 1000 km
*valid only for the Piedmont Region.

Dedicated App

Thanks to the Move-In App you will be able to detect real distances and monitor the kilometres you still have available.

Access the Move-In App via QR Code. You will have:

  • A dashboard for checking distances and mileage availability;
  • Personalized notifications and alerts to make the most of the App’s features.

The benefits of Move-In

Join Move-In!

The Lombardy Region and Piedmont Region service allows you to move freely.

The benefits of Move-In

Join Move-In!

The Lombardy Region and Piedmont Region service allows you to move freely.

Contact Center Assistance

A Contact Center team that provides you with immediate assistance throughout the registration process.

Use your vehicle all year round

Thanks to Move-In you will be able to travel without hourly or daily limitations, respecting an annual mileage threshold, calculated based on the class and type of your vehicle.

Online service

Joining the Move-In project takes place entirely online. Choose the Black Box provider (TSP) directly from the site of your Region and then follow the guided procedure.

Extensive network of installers

Air boasts a wide network of contracted installers throughout the Lombardy and Piedmont regions.
You can select your trusted installer directly through the MyPage reserved area.


Do you want more information?

Check out our dedicated page of frequently asked questions about the Move-In project

Move-In Air