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Grazie ad una visione completa dei dati di mobilità e delle loro interconnessioni la Pubblica Amministrazione può finalmente disporre dell’intelligence necessaria per attivare i suoi progetti digitali, dall’ottimizzazione delle risorse fino alla partecipazione attiva dei cittadini.
Thanks to an end-to-end view of mobility data and their interconnections, the Public Sector can finally access the intelligence required to drive its digital projects, from the optimization of resources to active citizen engagement.

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Benefits for the Public Sector


For the Public Sector

A powerful, flexible platform to help the local government release the value of smart cities.

Tailor-made solutions to meet the real needs of citizens, companies and institutions thanks to extensive, precise and updated mobility data in real time.


For citizens

Thanks to Move-in, it is possible to reward conscientious and environmentally friendly driving.

By choosing Air as their TSP, citizens who own vehicles subject to traffic restrictions can request a
kilometre waiver from the daily or hourly driving bans, which can be monitored based on the actual
use of the vehicle and the driving style adopted.

What can Air do for the Public Sector

Smart Cities

Innovative solutions developed around your city’s priorities.

Active Citizenship

Promote models of active and participatory citizenship with to apps and solutions that allow real-time reporting of inefficiencies.

Intelligent dashboards

To uncover hidden connections between things and improve safety.

Redesigning Urban Mobility

On the basis of data updated in real-time, to meet the actual needs of communities with projects that have a lasting impact.

All-round efficiency

Optimize processes, paths and systems with full, timely information to provide services without huge investments.

What the Public Sector says about Air :

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